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“Our children have been attending weekly tutoring sessions for several years.  We have found with the guidance of their tutors Jacob and Cayley have gained confidence and continually achieve the results they are working towards. We highly recommend the services that 3Ts provides. Lea works hard to ensure our needs are met and that tutors and pupils are suitably matched.  We would like to thank both Doug and Brian for sharing their knowledge and supporting Jacob and Cayley as they continue to learn.”

– Catherine and Robert Cribb, parents


“Since my son has started being tutored, his confidence has grown. His tutor is great at understanding the pace at which Jack learns. I would highly recommend 3Ts.”

– Simone Ryan, parent

“My son has only been going to 3Ts for a few months but he has found it a positive and beneficial experience. The atmosphere is friendly and encouraging.”

– Kelly Williams, parent

“My daughter Saskia has delayed neurological development and because of her quiet demeanour was quite often overlooked at school. She fell seriously behind in Maths and English. Tutoring has greatly improved my daughter’s confidence in herself and her Maths and English skills. I am so happy that these basic life skills have been improved for my daughter and now she can look forward to a positive future.”

 – Deb de Jong, parent of two students participating in tutoring

“Since my daughter began tutoring for mathematics, her exam results have improved dramatically and her confidence has grown.”

– Erin Patterson, parent

“Not only have Emma’s (Year 10) maths results seen a great improvement since attending 3Ts, but her teacher reports her overall confidence in class has increased and she participates more within the class group with problem solving, rather than withdrawing as she used to. Emma and her tutor, Pam have built a fantastic rapport, and Emma looks forward (yes that’s right) to her weekly tutoring session – which as a parent I love!! Pam’s advice, assistance and willingness to go the extra mile and to lend a hand is truly appreciated and Pam and 3Ts are always happy to help out with scheduling additional tutoring if needed.

This has been a great year for Emma and we are grateful to have such a wonderful service available to us.”

– Cath Kirk, parent


My sons, Evan and Ryan, have been tutored for the last 2 years. They have found it to be an enjoyable experience which has assisted them in their education in Maths and English.

I would recommend 3Ts Tutoring to provide this knowledge and enjoyment.

– Michael Martin, parent



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