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Literacy and Numeracy Made Easy!

What’s it all about?

This course provides literacy and numeracy skills and knowledge for those people entering or wishing to advance in the workforce. Clients will expand their understanding of the mechanics of the English language and improve their word usage to more effectively communicate with others.

The structure of this course ensures that clients are exposed to a broad array of literacy and numeracy examples, for instance, they will examine the written word, the spoken word and visual messages in texts as well as basic numeracy and financial literacy. Clients will work individually and as part of the group to critically examine texts, to improve texts and to write more effective texts.

Clients will be able to use these building blocks to increase their confidence and their ability to communicate more effectively in the workplace, and life in general.

An additional outcome of this course will become evident when the clients’ improved life skills feed through to enhance their communication and interactions with families, children and social groups.

This course is structured to run for a total of 24 hours over a six week period – two sessions a week of two hours each.

Course costs are fully inclusive of all work materials which include: course work book, folder, exercise book, pens and calculator.

What we will cover…

Modules include: 

  • The mechanics of the English language – grammar, punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure.
  • Improving and broadening your vocabulary – adverbs, adjectives, synonyms, antonyms and homonyms.
  • Improving your spelling – homonyms, prefixes, suffixes, plurals and useful spelling lists.
  • The process of composing a written text – intended audience, language choices, text conventions and structures, editing skills and effectively communicating your message.
  • Filling in forms – taking the fear out of filling in forms, having your information ready, understanding what they are asking for.
  • Visual literacy – understanding how an audience’s response is manipulated in visual texts such as packaging, advertisements, fliers, television programs or commercials etc.
  • The process of composing and presenting a spoken text/presentation -intended audience, language choices, conventions of a speech, preparing your presentation, use of voice (volume, tone and pace), non-verbal language, presenting your message and giving/receiving constructive feedback.
  • Numeracy – basic mathematics skills that are useful in the home and workplace including geometry, percentages and decimals/fractions.
  • Financial Literacy – what is it?  How to create and maintain a budget. Keeping records and deductions for your taxation return.  Superannuation – what it means to you.
  • IT – How good are you? – information on common software programs, using the internet safely, understanding and using IT etiquette.


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